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Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance is required to make sure your landscape gets its proper amount of water. Proper irrigation maintenance is:


    •Checking the irrigation to make sure there are no breaks, clogged nozzles, full  

      coverage, flushing drip filters and many more aspects that can reduce water from

      reaching your landscape.

    •Checking the weather and adjusting the controller to minimize over/ under

      watering. We recommend doing this at least every week unless you have a

      weather based self-adjusting controller.



  •   Checking the irrigation to insure it is functioning properly and minimize over spray

  •   Recommending any improvements to your irrigation to make it more efficient

  •   If requested, change your controller’s program to make it more efficient based upon the

      weather for that week. (The program needs to be changed at least once a week to be

      most efficient)


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Service Info.

Our Services Include:

If you would like more information or to schedule irrigation maintenance you can contact us by email by clicking here or you can call us at 818-994-1159.

Please call for our rates on service to your area. Our service is done by a time and materials basis and we schedule our technicians to allow up to 2 hours of dedicated time on your property. If more time is needed our technicians will help you reschedule a follow up visit to finish the job as well as an estimated cost to complete the work. We do schedule double and all day service if needed. We service most of Los Angeles and Ventura County, if you email us please provide your zip code so that we can determine if we service your area.

We offer 1 to 4 times yearly irrigation maintenance contracts.

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