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How to send your controller in for repair:

1 Send with controller: you name, address, phone# and a description of the problem. We also need to know if you want an estimate or to just repair the controller.


2 Ship or bring in the controller to:

5914 Noble Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91411


3 Payment and return shipping will be done after the repairs has been completed. Please do not send any credit card info with the controller, we will call you for payment and/ or to let you know that the controller is ready for pick up.


4. We charge $80 plus parts and shipping

1. New supply houses please call or email us so we can set you up in our computer system.


2. New or existing supply houses please send in a PO# with your company's name, address, branch and a description of the problem that your customer was having with the controller. Note for new supply houses: you may be required to pay for the first controller with a credit card, due to how long it takes to process your company’s application.


3. We can set up a flat rate with your company if you are planning on having a lot of controller repairs, thus providing a set price that you can quote your customer.

For Supply houses: