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Servicing most of Los Angeles and Ventura County for over 40 years!

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Why spend thousands on a new irrigation system or try to save a few dollars by having a handyman and/ or your gardner fix your irrigation system only to have the same problems, when we can get the job done correctly the first time. We specialize in irrigation as our main form of business and end up fixing a lot of improper repairs and/ or misdiagnosis of the problem.


We work on commercial and residential properties; such as HOA's, schools, cemeteries, office buildings, personal residence, parks, sports fields, ECT....


  •   Commercial  grade material unless otherwise requested

  •   Our own in house trained and experienced technicians

  •   Wire tracking


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Service Info.

Our Services Include:

If you would like more information or to schedule a service call you can contact us by email by clicking here or you can call us at 818-994-1159.

Please call for our rates to service your area. Our service is done by a time and materials basis and we schedule our technicians to allow up to 2 hours of dedicated time on your property. If more time is needed our technicians will help you reschedule a follow up visit to finish the job as well as an estimated cost to complete the work. We do schedule double and all day service if needed. We service most of Los Angeles and Ventura County, if you email us please provide your zip code so that we can determine if we service your area.


(Above) Our technician Jerald displaying what the problem was after multiple other companies tried to fix the problem, and were unsuccessful.