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Weather-based controllers are automatically adjusted daily based upon the weather. These controllers have several factors that are calculated on a daily bases. Example of some factors: how much rain has fallen, soil type, slope, evaporation rate, plant type, irrigation type, sun or shade, ECT...


Water Conservation System

Water conservation systems may include: drip, proper irrigation design, weather based timers, water efficient nozzles, drought tolerant landscape and many more aspects.


We try to conserve water by: fixing broken and/ or leaking sprinklers, adjusting controller settings and fix over/ under watering areas of your landscape. We also install systems based on your landscapes needs to reduce the amount of water needed to keep your landscape healthy.


For information on Irrigation and landscape rebates: go to

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Weather-based timers

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We’ll gladly give you a FREE estimate to install a water conservation system. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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